A fun year for squash

Thursday October 11, 2018 Written by Published in Other Sports

It has been another fun year for the Squash Club with the BSP Business House Squash competition which ends today.


The finals will start at 4pm at the Bluesky Sports Arena.

The weekly competition, which was played in a round robin format over six weeks, featured six teams.

Cook Islands Squash president Brett Baudinet said the finals would be a straight play-off for the  BSP Business House title.

All the other teams would play off for position placing three to six, he added. “The finals are open to the public for free entry, so if anyone is keen to watch some fun competition or even see what squash is about, come along and bring your kids as well. It is an unbelievably fun sport and easy-going way to keep fit and healthy,” Baudinet said.

“We timed the BSP Business House tournament to lead up to our Rarotonga International Squash Open which starts next Friday.

“This always proves to be a major event for us and this way the BSP Business House has been fantastic to help get our locals fit and ready to compete – and have a lot of fun, during the Open.”

Baudinet and the squash committee thanked Tutu Inamata and his team at Bank South Pacific for their support of the Squash Club and BSP Business House Tournament.

“BSP strives towards supporting the local community as well as sporting events and it is greatly appreciated and supported by our squash community. Meitaki maata BSP, and all the best to our players and supporters on Thursday.” 

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