Hash House Harriers celebrate 2000 runs

Monday June 25, 2018 Written by Published in Other Sports
Rarotonga Hash House Harriers will today celebrate its 2000th run. 18062408 Rarotonga Hash House Harriers will today celebrate its 2000th run. 18062408

Rarotonga Hash House Harriers has reached a milestone 2000 runs, which will be marked this afternoon.

The occasion will be celebrated at the Manuia Beach Resort, the location of the very first run way back in 1980.

Rarotonga Hash House Harriers’ Len Edwards said the accumulation of 2000 runs was a major milestone for the club.

The run numbers cover almost every Monday since the formation of the club in 1980, he said.

“The numbers who still come along each week for a walk or run and some social chatter afterwards remains extensive and covers all ‘walks’ of life on the island,” Edwards said.

“The original members of the club include Andy Olah, who has accumulated 1398 runs, and David Lobb, who has a tally of 1197 runs. Nine Hash House Harriers members have a tally over 500 runs.”

Edwards said the Hash House Harriers was established in September 1980 when three runners who entered the Round Raro Road Race decided to add a fun run to the calendar at the time.

The club was slow to form but developed each year in line with the Round Raro Road Race, he said.

“The club developed into a family hash with the name RH5 – Rarotonga Hash House Harriers Hussies & Hoffspring,” Edwards said.

“The aim was to develop a family theme and to this day it remains a weekly family gathering every Monday evening.”

Edwards said from the humble start, the Rarotonga Hash has grown into one of the largest hash clubs in the Pacific Islands.

“The club is a ‘springboard’ for new arrivals to the island where they can meet people from all walks of life on the island and can then move into other clubs such as sailing, golf, triathlon, etc – all have representatives at Hash,” said Edwards.

“The island of Rarotonga is an ideal size for hash runs – in fact, most walk these days.”

For the hash run each Monday, a different location is chosen and a person volunteers as a hare to set the trail, Edwards said.

He said Hash House Harriers was also involved in arranging and supervising the Cross Island Nutters Run, plus the birthday feast during the week of running.

“Hash also arranges an island feast during the International Triathlon and most members assist as marshals during this event.

“The club is also instrumental in raising funds for charity, even though there is no fee for membership or for participating in the weekly runs.

“Each week the club welcomes visitors from all over the world, who may belong to another hash club or are just on the island looking for another activity.

“Congratulations to a long-standing family club which has stamped its mark on our island.”

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