‘Just Play’ not just for fun

Tuesday March 06, 2018 Written by Published in Other Sports
More than 160 children turned up to enjoy the Just Play village festival held last Tuesday. 18030519 More than 160 children turned up to enjoy the Just Play village festival held last Tuesday. 18030519

The Just Play village festival held last Tuesday was a huge success with more than 160 children enjoying all the fun and games on offer at Victoria Park in Tupapa.


There was no shortage of action, with children enjoying the many sporting activities as they strolled from station to station.

Events included soccer, athletics, badminton and cricket, with parents and guardians gathering to watch their children take part in the various activities.

The focus was not just on having fun, but also on encouraging the children to make healthy choices with food and exercise, as it was NCD (Non-Communicable Diseases) Awareness Week.

Kids learnt that drinking plain clean water is best for helping their bodies and minds to develop and function best.

Reducing sugary drinks such as 100 per cent fruit juice, soft drinks and sports drinks to a treat only can make a big difference in their young lives.

The value of respecting one another and including everyone was also taught through role-play activities guided by the ladies from Internal Affairs’ Disability and Child Welfare divisions.

Also keen to participate in all the fun was New Zealand High Commissioner Peter Marshall, who got active and enjoyed himself joining a number of different activities around the field.

Organisers of the event hope the festival will encourage children to be more active, and to play sport by showcasing the opportunities in their area.

The first Just Play village festival for 2018 demonstrates that sport is a platform for many important aspects of life for everyone and can be enjoyed everywhere.

Without assistance from the New Zealand government, Australian government, the UEFA Foundation for Children and UNICEF, this community initiative that Cook Islands Football has developed to complement the Just Play programme running in our schools and communities would not be possible.

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