Cook Islands to benefit from swimming support

Wednesday January 31, 2018 Published in Other Sports

As a member of the International Swimming Federation (FINA), the Cook Islands looks set to benefit from a series of new development initiatives that were approved last month.


The FINA Olympic Aquatics Support Programme has a budget of more than NZ$29 million to spend over four years.

This will directly assist the FINA member federations in their development activities and comes as an addition to the amount already available through the various FINA development programmes. All money will be distributed on an equal-share basis.

The objective of this initiative is to enable the FINA national member federations to develop, strengthen and fine-tune their activities in all forms, including all aquatic disciplines, in the pursuit of improving the organisation, the professionalism of their operations and the sporting level of their athletes.

Only national federations that take part in the FINA World Championships, FINA World Swimming Championships or FINA World Junior Championships are eligible for the programme.

In 2018, FINA will continue and increase the number of clinics and schools to train officials, judges and referees.

Participants will have to be recommended and put forward by their national federations.

Lastly, a new FINA National Aquatics Managers’ Programme aimed at supporting the national federations in their efforts to manage and administer their organisations will begin this year.

This programme will offer the mentorship of recognised experts that will guide the federations to strategically plan their activities so they can promote aquatics in the best possible way within their own countries.

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