Volleyball semi-finals follow surprise results

Thursday November 16, 2017 Written by Published in Other Sports

The Prime Foods Mixed Social League Volleyball has progressed to the semi-final stage tonight, after a number of close games and surprise results from last week.


Top side TEAM just managed to eke out a victory against upstarts NPK 65-63, showing that the records can be thrown out the window during the knockout stage.

No team illustrated this more than Kia Orana Salon.

One of the top teams all year, they succumbed to Hit N Miss 53-55, who would rightly be ecstatic with the result. However, they do need to be sure to focus tonight, as they face off against one of the tournament’s big guns, the second place Kangahua.

Kangahua made quick work of their Nukz Power 1 opponents 82-57, but they have been prone to upset results over the course of the tournament.

TEAM, meanwhile, will hope to rebound strongly against one of the most consistent sides Goofam, who also won a close contest against Charlie’s Akari 65-62. Other teams to keep an eye out for are Sarafui and Team Helz, who made top scores for the week at 84 points each, and West Side Wild Ones 2, who won maybe the match of the round against Ohana, 69-68.


West Sides Wild Ones 1 62 vs All Starz 65, Sarafui 84 vs Spikeaiderz 70, Team Helz 84 vs Woodies 42, TEAM 65 vs NPK 63, Squats 0 vs Nukz Power 3 70, Ohana 68 vs West Sides Wild Ones 2 69, Kia Orana Salon 53 vs Hit N Miss 55, Totara Spikerz 76 vs Simmons 72, Kangahua 82 vs Nukz Power 1 57, Matman 62 vs Nukz Power 2 69, Green Machine 78 vs Swalala 59, Goofam 65 vs Charlie’s Akari 62


5.30pm: Court 1 - Squats vs West Side Wild Ones 1, Court 2 - NPK vs Nukz Power 1, Court 3 - Sarafui vs Green Machine. 6.20pm: Court 1 - Nukz Power 2 vs West Side Wild Ones 2, Court 2 - Nukz Power 3 vs All Starz, Court 3 - Spikeaiders vs Swalala. 7.10pm: Court 1 - Kangahua vs Hit N Miss, Court 2 - Woodies vs Simmons, Court 3 - Team Helz vs Totara Spikerz. 8.00pm: Court 1 - TEAM vs Goofam, Court 2 - Matman vs Ohana, Court 3 - Charlie’s Akari vs Kia Orana Salon.








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