Aitutaki clear winners at Manea Games

Thursday October 19, 2017 Written by Published in Other Sports

With the Manea Games drawing to the close, it is safe to say that Aitutaki are the runaway winners of the competition.


Rugby sevens and netball are the remaining events taking place today, leaving competing teams with no chance to catch their enormous tally of 40 gold medals (as of Tuesday night).

“Aitutaki, they’ve dominated these games, they are just so far in front of everyone,” said Athletics Cook Islands president Ina Marsters.

“Really the only chance was during athletics, because there were 52 chances to get gold, but Aitutaki cleaned up at that too.”

With first place locked up, there are a number of competitors for second.

“Mitiaro, or Mauke and even Mangaia, they would all really deserve being in second, because they have been great during the Manea Games,” said Marsters.

“The teams are judged by how many gold medals they have, and at the moment Mangaia are in the lead for second place.

“But anything can happen tomorrow, which is what has made the games in Mitiaro so great this year.”  


Touch rugby results

Open Women: Gold - Mitiaro, Silver - Aitutaki, Bronze - Mangaia. Open Men: Gold - Aitutaki, Silver - Atiu, Bronze - Mangaia. Open Mixed: Gold - Aitutaki, Silver - Mitiaro, Bronze - Mangaia.

Medal Tally (As of Tuesday night)

Aitutaki - 40 gold, 24 silver, 19 bronze (80 medals), Mangaia - 17 gold, 21 silver, 22 bronze (60), Mauke - 14 gold, 13 silver, 15 bronze (42), Mitiaro - 11 gold, 25 silver, 24 bronze (60), Atiu - 9 gold, 8 silver, 11 bronze.


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