Hit ‘n’ Miss makes it a definite hit

Wednesday October 04, 2017 Written by Published in Other Sports

More upsets have occurred in the Prime Foods Mixed Social League Volleyball tournament, with Kangahua once again falling to a lower-ranked opponent.


In Pool A, fourth-placed team Hit ‘n’ Miss defeated Kangahua, who were joint leaders going into the round, by 9 points, 61-52.

Fifth placed team Nukz Power 1 managed to earn a point as they kept Kia Orana Salon at bay with a draw, while TEAM managed to continue their winning form by beating Charlie’s Akari by 11 points.

Kangahua’s loss and Kia Orana Salon’s draw have paved the way for TEAM, who now lead Pool A outright. However, the margin is slim, as they lead by only one point.

Pool B, Matman maintain their convincing lead, six points clear of second-placed West Sides Wild Ones 1 who are now on equal points with Squats after defeating Ohana 80-57.

Allstarz drop to fifth place after losing to West Sides Wild Ones 2.

Nukz Power 3, despite their lowly position, top-scored the week with their comprehensive win over Nukz Power 2, racking up 92 points to join West Sides Wild Ones 3 in sixth place in Pool B.

Kangahua will look to rebound against Nukz Power 1 who, if they win and other results go their way, could spring up as high as third place.

Top-ranked TEAM will challenge Kia Orana Salon in a top ranked battle, while fourth-ranked Goofam could shed their underdog status and be in second place by the end of Wednesday night - if the chips fall the right way, that is.

            - CIVF/Conor Leathley


5.30pm: Court 1 - West Sides Wild Ones 2 vs Nukz Power 3, Court 2 - Squats vs Allstarz, Court 3 - Charlie’s Akari vs Goofam. 6.20pm: Court 1 - Nukz Power 1 vs Kangahua, Court 2 - Woodies vs Swalala, Court 3 - Green Machine vs Sarafui. 7.10pm: Court 1 - Team Helz vs Totara Spikerz, Court 2 - Spikeaiderz vs Simmons, Court 3 - Matman vs Ohana. 8.00pm: Court 1 - Kia Orana Salon vs TEAM, Court 2 - West Sides Wild Ones 1 vs Nukz Power 2, Court 3 - Hit n Miss vs NPK.


Pool A: 1st on 43pts is TEAM, 2nd on 42 pts is Kia Orana Salon; 3rd on 41 pts is Kangahua; 4th on 40pts is Goofam; 5th on 39pts is Hit n Miss; 6th on 38 pts is Charlie’s Akari and Nukz Power 1 and 8th on 32pts NPK. Pool B: 1st on 40pts is Matman; 2nd on 34pts is Squats and West Sides Wild Ones 1, 4th on 33pts is Ohana; 5th on 32pts is Allstarz; 6th on 28pts is West Sides Wild Ones 3 and Nukz Power 3; 8th on 24pts is Nukz Power 2. Pool C: 1st on 34pts is Team Helz; 2nd on 33pts is Sarafui; 3rd on 26pts is Green Machine; 4th on 24pts is Totara Spikerz, 5th on 20pts is Swalala, 6th on 18pts is Simons and Spikeaiderz and 8th is Woodies on 17pts.

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