Tough race won in 48 minutes

Friday September 29, 2017 Written by Published in Other Sports
Winners Bryn Parry and Melisa O’Brien flank Cross Island Race record holder Greg Gustafson. 17092836 Winners Bryn Parry and Melisa O’Brien flank Cross Island Race record holder Greg Gustafson. 17092836

Bryn Parry was the winner of this year’s Cross Island Race, known as the “Nutters Run”, which had the most entrants ever at 96.


Parry previously won this race when he lived on Rarotonga some years back but his time on Wednesday was his best, and he completed the gruelling run in just 48 minutes, 47 seconds.

The race had not been won under 51 minutes for over 15 years.

Greg Gustafson, the seven-time winner of the full Round Rarotonga Road race, holds the Cross Island Race record at 45 minutes. This was set over 20 years ago, placing Bryn’s time among the top in the history of the race. Second home was Matt Cooper, who won this year’s Round Rarotonga Road Race.

He was 6 minutes behind Parry in 54 minutes 20 seconds, and had to concede he was not as good at trail running as he is on tarseal. Third place went to Adrian Lysaght, who was close behind at 57 minutes 06 seconds.Among the female runners, New Zealander Melisa O’Brien won out over local Adrianna Skurosz. Her time of 57 minutes 27 seconds is the best female time in many years.

Skurosz finished in 58 minutes 20 seconds and third place went to Kelsey Horne from Wellington in one hour two minutes and 14 seconds.

Best performance of the day was a three-legged dog (only one front leg), which got enthusiastic at the start line outside Vaima Restaurant and accompanied the 96 runners up the Wigmore’s Waterfall road.

This dog was very keen, as it followed Geoff Stoddart for almost all the way. When the track was flat-ish it passed and went ahead, only to be caught up again on the steep uphill sections. Hampered somewhat by having just three legs, it stopped and yelped when it could not balance and grip its way down some steep sections of the track.

It received a helping hand down a couple of difficult spots as it had worked so hard keeping up. With just one front leg it could not hold traction down the steep sections.He was so hot his fur was dripping wet. He collapsed on the ground at Pandanus at the end in a time of one hour seven minutes – an amazing feat.

Thanks to Sherid Carter who transported “Three Legs” back to Vaima where his home was thought to be. Athletics Cook Islands would like to say thank you to all our runners that participated in the Nutters Run and also to our Marshalls Ben Maxwell and your St. Joseph Scouts for helping out Len Edwards and his team to ensure that our runners were all safely out of the mountain. To all our volunteers who helped from the beginning of the event until the end, thank you very much. - Release


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