Kia Orana Salon claims top spot in mixed volleyball

Wednesday August 30, 2017 Written by Published in Other Sports

In contention for the top spot in the Prime Foods Mixed Social League volleyball, team Kangahua’s winning streak came to an end during Round 11 games when Goofam beat them by eight points.


In what was the last random round robin game, Kangahua desperately needed a win to claim the three points, which would have solidified them as the top team.

Another surprise was the effort of Spikeaiders, previously ranked 24th, who beat 15th-ranked team Nukz Power 2.

Highest scoring team Kia Orana Salon, who have scored 826 points through 11 games, convincingly beat West Sides Wild Ones 2 by 38 points.

Their win and Kangahua’s loss against Goofam has taken Kia Orana Salon into top spot.

Now that the final rankings have been established, teams finally know who they will play going into next round.

Pool A is for the teams who finished in the top eight, Pool B is for teams who finished between nine and 16, and Pool C for teams between 17-24.

Every team will now play every other team in their respective pool, meaning some teams will have already played other teams in their pool during the 11 random round robin games.

Points accumulated in the previous 11 random round robin games will be added to scores over the next seven weeks of pool games.

This will determine the overall winners of the three pools, known as the Prime Foods Mixed Social League Round Robin Winners of either Pool A, B or C.

If you have any questions, contact Hugh Graham on 52287.

            - Release/Conor Leathley

Final standings

Kia Orana Salon, 2. Kangahua, 3. TEAM, 4. Nukz Power 1, 5. Charlies Akari, 6. Hit N Miss, 7. NPK, 8. GooFam, 9. Matman, 10. All Starz, 11. Ohana, 12. Squats, 13. West Sides Wild Ones 1, 14. West Sides Wild Ones 2, 15. Nukz Power 3, 16. Nukz Power 2, 17. Team Helz, 18. Sarafui, 19. Totara Spikerz, 20. Green Machine, 21. Spikeaiders, 22. Woodies 23. Swalala 24. Simmons

Fixtures for Wednesday 30 August 2017, Round 12 -Pool Matches

5.30pm: Court 1 - Team Helz vs Simmons, Court 2 - Sarafui vs Swalala, Court 3 - Totara Spikerz vs Woodies.

6.20pm: Court 1 - Green Machine vs Spikeaiders, Court 2 - Matman vs Nukz Power 2, Court 3 - Allstarz vs Nukz Power 3.

7.10pm: Court 1 - Ohana vs West Sides Wild Ones 2, Court 2 - Squats vs West Sides Wild Ones 1, Court 3 - Kia Orana Salon vs GooFam.

8.00pm: Court 1 - Kangahua vs NPK, Court 2 - TEAM vs Hit n Miss, Court 3 -Nukz Power 1 vs Charlie’s Akari.

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