Badminton players back from camp

Tuesday August 22, 2017 Written by Published in Other Sports
Kariana Hagai and Teatuanui George pictured during their round one doubles match. 17082103 Kariana Hagai and Teatuanui George pictured during their round one doubles match. 17082103

A U15 Junior Badminton Development team has returned from a highly successful Oceania development programme held in New Zealand from August 7-13. 


The trip included a four-day development camp at the Auckland badminton hall alongside junior players from Tonga.

Badminton Oceania player development manager and New Zealand coach Robbie Thackham took the players through essential drills and lessons during two-hour sessions run twice each day.

Thackham focused on improving the player’s footwork as well as their technical and game skills.

On day four of the camp, players were put through a fitness test measuring each one’s speed, endurance, agility, grip strength, horizontal and vertical jump and core strength. 

When the camp ended the Oceania junior development players made their way down to Tauranga to compete in the Bay of Plenty U15 Nationals.

Held over two days the contest featured top players from Auckland and members of the New Zealand team. 

“The aim of the trip was to expose junior players to high level training and competition,” a team spokesman said.

“The experience was invaluable and an opportunity to compete in a highly competitive environment which they couldn’t get in Rarotonga.

“For some of our players the pressure was intense and it affected their play, but they were still able to give some impressive performances.”

The Cook Islands team also had the opportunity to experience badminton at an international level with front row seats at the SkyCity NZ Badminton Open Finals.

Badminton Oceania also provided quality equipment for the Cook Islands players and an opportunity to train with the Auckland Junior Badminton Squads.

The Cook Islands team was made up of Kariana Hagai, Teatuanui George, Damus Matakino, Vaitoti Tupa and coach Ngaoa Ranginui.

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Singles: Vaitoti Tupa lost to Daniel Hu 21-5 21-9, Teatuanui George beat Sarah Ogle 21-16 21-9, Kariana Hagai lost to Elle Li 21-7 21-2, Teatuanui Gorge lost to Camelia Zhou 21-7 21-3, Damus Matakino lost to Koshun Shoji 21-13 21-12, Kariana Hagai beat Kayla Prendergast 21-16 21-18, Damus Matakino beat Brian Huang 17-21 21-17 21-13, Teatuanui George lost to Esha Varghese 21-10 21-16, Vaitoti Tupa lost to Jonte Watkins 26-24 22-20, Kariana Hagai beat Megan Lake 21-15 21- 15, Damus Matakino lost to Guang Hao 21-15 21-2, Kariana Hagai lost to Smile Li 21-7 21-5, Vaitoti Tupa beat Brian Huang 21-17 21-18,  Vaitoti Tupa beat Azmi Hirota 22-20 21-13, Vaitoti Tupa Lost to Joshua Espitalier 21-17 21-18

Boys Doubles:

D Matakino/ V Tupa lost to J Jian/ L Mitchell 21-7 21-8, D Matakino/ V Tupa lost to J Fotu/ V Fotu 21-10 21-12

Girls Doubles: T George/ K Hagai lost to Elle Li/ Smile Li 21-4, 21-16, T George/ K Hagai beat B Lake/ M Lake 21-10, 21-11, T George/ K Hagai lost to E Varghese/ L Wang 21-15 18-21 21-11

Mixed Doubles: K Hagai/ V Tupa beat M O’Connor/ N Wylie 21-6 21-13, D Matakino/ T George lost to C Luna/ A Tan 21-3 21-6, K Hagai/ V Tupa lost to S Lin/ E Varghese 21-12 21-12, D Matakino/ T George beat M O’Connor/ N Wylie 21-16 24-26 21-19, D Matakino/ T George lost to J Zhang/ E Dai 21-8 21-14


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