Fundraiser goes well

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The Nukz Power 1-Night Mixed Volleyball Tournament held on August 9 proved a huge success, with over $2,000 being raised to support the team to participate in the Manea Games.


A total of 24 mixed teams entered and played random games to determine the winners.

To make things more interesting, teams were able to get a head start by having the opportunity to buy 10 points, which proved crucial to some of the winners in the end.

The Manea Games will be hosted by Mitiaro from October 9-19. Volleyball will be played shortly after the games opening ceremony on October 9 and run for two days.

Cook Islands Volleyball president Hugh Graham says that the choice of our committee to support Nukz Power was unanimous.

“They (Nukz Power) have been supporting all the events and activities that we have been running for the past several years and with the aim to fundraise to assist Mitiaro Volleyball, there was no hesitation for Cook Islands Volleyball to support,” said Graham.

After all the 24 teams had played their five random games there two teams had five wins each.

However, on a point differential ratio, the winner was separated from the second placegetter by the slimmest of margins, just one point.

Prizes consisted of three large kikau baskets of food, cartons of chicken, uniforms and Mikasa Match beach volleyballs.

Note: The Prime Foods Mixed Social League volleyball will restart after a two-week break on August 16 at the Bluesky Sports Arena.

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1st: TEAM, 2nd Tickety Boo, 3rd Kangahua, 4th Kia Orana Salon, 5th Ohana, 6th Aia the Blue Blue, 7th Kunamatata, 8th Te Roto Nui, 9th Tamariki Kanga, 10th West Sides Wild Ones 1, 11th team Helz, 12th Outsiders, 13th All Starz 1, 14th Green Machine 1, 15th Cheeseburger, 16th Green Machine 2, 17th West Sides Wild Ones 2, 18th NPK, 19th Talavalea, 20th All Starz 2, 21st A Squad, 22nd Itiki Reps, 23rd MsRs 24th TKV Family.

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