Leaders stay in top position in Volleyball

Wednesday June 28, 2017 Written by Published in Other Sports

Newcomer Kangahua maintain its lead in the Prime Foods Mixed Social League Volleyball after another superb performance in Round 4 competition last week.


The undefeated side overcame Allstarz 62-46 at the Bluesky Sports Arena on Wednesday to share the lead with Kia Orana Salon on 12 points each.

Regulars Kia Orana Salon defeated Simmons 69-55 to also maintain its unbeaten run in the weekly league.

GooFam, another new addition to the indoor volleyball competition, is on third spot with 11 points.

Hit and Miss, TEAM, Nukz Power 1 and NPK are all tied on fourth with 10 points each.

Cook Islands Volleyball Federation president Hugh Graham said all teams will continue to play a further seven random round-robin games before they enter into the next round of competition.

After this, all teams will be ranked and placed into three pools of eight teams each (1st -8th Pool A; 9th – 16th Pool B and 17th -24th Pool C).

“Teams in each pool will then play a further seven round-robin games, which means that every team will play each other in their own pools,” Graham said.

The winners will be determined by the teams with the most points before the rankings of each of the pools are finalised with the top two in each pool receiving trophies and prizes.

Graham said that this was the best format to accommodate the extra teams in the competition.

“By putting teams in three pools means that teams of similar strengths will be able to be competitive with other teams in their pool,” he said.

Graham said after the round robin games, a knockout format will be introduced with rankings of teams for the knockouts determined by the round robin results.

“However in this case although a knockout format, all teams will get to play the same number of games (for example winners continue to play winners and losers continue to play losers).”        

Results (R4)

Hit n Miss beat West Sides Wild Ones 1 71-68; Bluesky beat Sarafui 84-60; NPK beat West Sides Wild Ones 2 68-66; Squats beat Spikeaders 76-64; Kangahua beat Allstarz 62-46; Totara Spikers beat Woodies 84-70; Team Helz beat Gren Machine 75-66; Ohana beat Swalala 72-61; Kia Orana Salon beat Simmons 69-55; TEAM beat Nukz Power 3 94-64; GooFam beat Nukz Power 2 78-65; and Go Diggerz beat Nukz Power 1 69-60.


5.30pm Court 1 West Sides Wild Ones 2-Green Machine, Court 2 Kia Orana Salon-NPK,  Court 3 Woodies-West Sides Wild Ones 1; 6.20pm Court 1 Hit N Miss-Swalala, Court 2 Nukz Power 3-Spikeaderz, Court 3 Bluesky-Nukz Power 2; 7.10pm Court 1 Simmons-Allstarz,  Court 2 Go Diggerz-GooFam, Court 3  Totara Spikerz-Kangahua; 8pm Court 1 Sarafui-Squats, Court 2 Nukz Power 1-Ohana, Court 3 TEAM-Team Helz


After Round 4,1st = is Kangahua and Kia Orana Salon are leading on 12pts; 3rd is GooFam on 11 pts; 4th= are Hit n Miss, TEAM, Nukz Power 1, NPK on 10 pts; 8th  = are Go Diggerz and Bluesky on 9 pts; 10th = are Ohana, Team Helz, West Sides Wild Ones 2 on 8 pts; 13th = are Nukz Power 2, Squats on 7 pts; 15th = are Spikeaderz, Allstarz, Green Machine; Nukz Power 3 on 6 pts; 19th = are Woodies, Sarafui and Totara Spikerz on 5 pts; and 22nd = are West Sides Wild Ones 1, Swalala and Simmons on 4 pts.

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