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Peters confident in her ability

Tuesday September 03, 2013 Written by Published in Other Sports

The Cooks sole female weightlifter Luisa Peters received a boost in Wallis and Futuna ahead of her competition today.

Peters won a bronze medal in last month’s 2013 ZKC email international club tournament representing her club in Rarotonga – the Iron Centre Club established by Tony Hole.

The 20-year old lifter was presented with the bronze medal for the women’s 75kg plus division by her coach and director of the Weightlifting Institute in New Caledonia Paul Coffer.

Peters has been training under Coffer’s guidance for the past month in New Caledonia where she has been making big gains in her lifting weights.

The medal was a pleasant surprise for Peters who had donned her volunteer’s hat in Wallis and Futuna to be one of the officials at the weightlifting competition.

Peters will compete in the 75kg plus women’s division today.

Her goal is to lift a total combined weight from the snatch and clean and jerk of 210kg – the qualifying total weight for the Commonwealth Games in 2014 to be hosted by Scotland.

Peters says that she has gained a lot more confidence in herself and lifting ability since she started training under Coffer at the weightlifting institute in New Caledonia.

The talented young woman says that she has a simple plan of attack before her competition.

“I’m just going to stay calm and lift whatever weights my coach tells me to,” says Peters.

The popular institute lifting student also has a big decision to make – to return to the New Caledonia institute or to return to train in New Zealand.

Peters says she’s not thinking about the decision she has to make and will do so after her competition on Thursday.

For now – the calm lifter is going about her daily training and volunteering duties with lots of island humour, dedication and determination.

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