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Strong start in basketball

Sunday August 25, 2013 Written by Published in Other Sports

Exciting and nail-biting games were seen in the first round of the Cook Islands Basketball 2013 Premier Open High Tide Bar & Grill Men’s and ANZ Women’s Championships that bounced into action last Tuesday.

All teams turned up in force and were rearing to go.

Registered in the competition are four men’s and four women’s teams, who will face three round robin games with semi and finals to determine the winning men’s and women’s team for the year.

The game of the season was between Avalicious Galz and Fastbreakers in the women’s competition.

It was a bit of slow start but once the gals got their rhythm the Fastbreakers lived up to their name to win the game 38- 16.

The second game of the night was between Eke Galz and E-Gals and it proved to be a good game to watch.

There were some brilliant plays executed by both sides but E-Galz proved too strong for the Eke Galz with the final score 42-36 to the E-Galz .

The first men’s game for the season was a nail biting game.

The shark force Pacific Divers team took on the small but sharp Filipino team.

It was a big battle but the Philo team ended up on top by 1 point, 38-37. The last game of the night was between the Hot Dogz and Avalicious teams.

Both teams put up a fight in their first game of the season however it was the Hot Dogz that edged out Avalicious with a final score 38-25.

All teams are urged to pay their affiliation fees and registration fees before Tuesday September 3. Regulated uniforms also need to be ready by this date.

Tuesday 27 draw – 5:30pm-Availcious Galz vs E-Galz, 6:20pm-Fastbreakers vs Eke Galz, 7:10pm-Hot Dogz vs Philos, 8:00pm-Pacific Divers vs Avalicious.

All teams are also urged to be on time. The CIBF are also selling sausage sizzles at the games with a small $2 entry fee into the TSA for the Games.

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