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Netball push for healthy lifestyles

Friday February 02, 2018 Written by Published in Netball

Titikaveka College was visited by two high-ranking Cook Islands Netball officials and a local MP on Wednesday, as part of the Healthy Lifestyle Programme.


Cook Islands Netball country coordinator John Glassie and NCI game development director Kopu Anguna were joined by Titikaveka MP Selina Napa, who spoke about the importance of a leading a healthy lifestyle.

The school was the first to host a Pacific Sporting Partnership presentation, which aims to increase awareness and participation in netball as one means of encouraging people to lead healthier lifestyles and reduce non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

The speakers gave netball demonstrations and took questions from students about the benefits of a making the decision to improve health.

They asked the students to give examples of NCDs, and how a nutritional diet could reduce the risk of such diseases.

Males were also encouraged to take up the sport.

“It was great to get out to the college and present them with the healthy lifestyles information,” Glassie said.

“We also took them through some warm-up activities that the Silver Ferns do, and then the students practiced some netball skills and played games.”

Yesterday was also the practical session of the netball coaching foundation course, also conducted by Glassie.

All the participants were teachers and they finished the theoretical aspect of the course, much more quickly than anticipated.

“They’re all very enthusiastic, so they were asking plenty of questions, and we were able to pull a lot of information from them too,” Glassie said.

The practical session, held at the Bluesky Sports Arena, was the conclusion of a two-day workshop featuring three modules: ball skill and movements, attack and defence and shooting.

“We’re just working on more practical and technical stuff, so that way they got somewhere to go from here. The drills aren’t difficult.”

Glassie said the coaches could use the drills in the future, and they could also be adapted to suit specific needs.

“As long as you know the skill behind it, you can make up any drill you want.”

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