Netball promises spectacular show

Monday December 04, 2017 Written by Published in Netball

Today is the second to last day of the round robin format in the 2017 Netball in Paradise competition, which promises to provide another spectacular show of the sport.


Event coordinator Nina Webb was very happy with the tournament’s opening day on Thursday, and comments from the players show they are on the same wavelength.

“So far there has been great feedback from everyone. A team that has been coming for the past three years told us that this (competition) is the best that they’ve seen,” Webb said.

“We also have 105 going out on the Captain Tama’s Lagoon Cruise, so the visitors from overseas will also be up to stuff off the court.”

Day 3 fixtures

Court 1: Game 1 - 2:00pm - Risings Stars 13s vs Ngatangiia SHE Eagles (13U), Game 2 - 2:37pm - Whangaruru vs Bridge Pa (Open Ladies Pool B), Game 3 - 3:14pm - Rising Stars Opens vs Kaiwhaiki Golds (Open Ladies Pool B), Game 4 - 3:51pm - Beautiful Hawks vs NZ Police (Open Ladies Pool A), Game 5 - 4:28pm - Rising Stars 15s vs Taradale Sparks (15U), Game 6 - 5:05pm - The Last Minnuts vs KBJ (Social Ladies), Game 7 - 5:42pm - Taradale Sparks vs Nga Puhi ki Raro (15U), Game 8 - 6:19pm - Arorangi Flames vs Tupapa Lady P (15U), Game 9 - 6:56pm - Anguna Adopts vs Sparxs1 (Mixed), Game 10 - 7:33pm - Ladies Honeyz vs Lowkeyz (Social). Court 2: Game 1 - 2:00pm - Phoenix vs Little Honeyz (13U), Game 2 - 2:37pm - Arorangi Flames vs Nga Puhi ki Raro (15U), Game 3 - 3:14pm - Hibiscus Allsorts 17s vs Honeyz (Social Ladies), Game 4 - 3:51pm - Raro Redy vs Revolution (Social Ladies), Game 5 - 4:28pm - Anguna Adopts vs BSP (Mixed), Game 6 - 5:05pm - Whangaruru vs Grasmere Allday (Open Ladies Pool B), Game 7 - 5:42pm - Phoenix1 vs Rising Stars 17s (Open Ladies Pool A), Game 8 - 6:19pm - KBJ vs Raro Redy (Social Ladies), Game 9 - 6:56pm - Smash vs NZ Police (Open Ladies Pool A), Game 10 - 7:33pm - Sparxs2 vs Ravengers (Mixed)


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