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Netball in top four battle

Friday September 15, 2017 Written by Published in Netball

Netball action gets into another gear this week as the Rising Stars Netball Championship goes into the semi-final stages.


Held at the Bluesky Sports Arena tomorrow, teams from around the island will be desperate to ensure that they make it to the final next week.

Playing this week are those that made it through last week’s knockout stages and will take on the top two teams from the round robin that automatically progressed to the semi-finals.

In the Future Stars 12U, the Titikaveka Pearls will face off against the second seeded Avatiu Dragonflies, while the fourth placed Tupapa-Maraerenga Panthers have the unenviable task of challenging the top ranked Ngatangiia-Matavera SeaGalz for a place in the final.

Next up will are the Shooting Stars 20 plus, where the Takuvaine Red Angels will battle the Pearls while the Panthers will face the Dragonflies.

The Dragonflies open the U15 Rising Stars semis against the Pearls, hoping to replicate last week’s performance when they won by 40 points against the SeaGalz.

In the other semis, the fourth seeded Panthers will take on the number one seed Arorangi Flames, who are the current champions in the U15 format.

Although, the Flames were unable to top the round robin in the Rising Stars U19, finishing in second place to the Panthers, the side will be hoping to remain in the run to retain the title when they take on Dragonflies in the opening semis.

Top ranked Panthers are likely to ease past the Red Angels in the other semis.

            - Conor Leathley


Future Stars 12U: Titikaveka 37 Takuvaine 5, Shooting Stars 20+: Takuvaine 70 Ngatangiia 24, Rising Stars 15U: Avatiu 51 Ngatangiia 11


12: U12 - Court 1 - Titikaveka Pearls vs Avatiu Dragonflies, Court 2 - Tupapa-Maraerenga Panthers vs Ngatangiia-Matavera SeaGalz. 12.40: 20+ - Court 1 - Takuvaine Red Angels vs Titikaveka Pearls, Court 2 - Tupapa-Maraerenga Panthers vs Avatiu Dragonflies. 1.55: U15 - Court 1 - Avatiu Dragonflies vs Titikaveka Pearls, Court 2 - Tupapa-Maraerenga Panthers vs Arorangi Flames. 2.45: U19 – Court 1 - Avatiu Dragonflies vs Arorangi Flames, Court 2 - Takuvaine Red Angels vs Tupapa-Maraerenga Panthers.


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