Great netball, thanks to the weather

Monday August 21, 2017 Written by Published in Netball
Tupapa 19U WA Konini Rongo passes to centre Phillipa Smith. 17082015 Tupapa 19U WA Konini Rongo passes to centre Phillipa Smith. 17082015

Netball got a great assist from the weather over the weekend, as a number of competitive games were played out over the island.


At the swamp, hosts Avatiu Dragonflies took on the Titikaveka Pearls from the south side. In the Future Stars 12U grade, feisty centre Tara Williams worked hard on both ends of the court to get the ball from the Dragonflies defenders to the spot-on shooter’s goal attack Kubethreana Taripo and goal shoot Emma Joseph.

However, magical shooting by Titikaveka’s Estelle Short and towering keeper Asia Areora saw the Pearls outshine their Avatiu opponents 15 - 11.

In the Shooting Stars 20+ grade, Avatiu continue their strong hold from Round 1 remaining undefeated, and flying by the Titikaveka Pearls 61 - 53.

The 15Us was a hotly contested match, with Titikaveka Pearls squeaking by with a win 31 - 30 over the Dragonflies.

The Rising Stars 19U Dragonflies had a bye for the day.

On the east side of the island, Ngatangiia-Matavera SeaGalz took on the visiting Takuvaine Red Angels from the Happy Valley. The SeaGalz remain undefeated in the Future Stars 12U grade, gliding to a 27 - 7 victory over the Red Angels.

The Shooting Stars saw Takuvaine win a convincing game over Ngatangiia at 61 - 29. 

Over on the west side, the Rising Stars 15U match saw the 2016 Champions outclass the Tupapa-Maraerenga Panthers 31 - 18.

In the main match of the day in the Rising Stars 19U grade, spectators were on the edge of their seats right up to the final whistle.

Tupapa had a strong start in the first and second quarters, with solid attack combinations from centre Phillipa Smith (a National Squad member) and wing attack Eteta Strickland feeding the dynamic shooting duo of goal shoot Rianna Pepe and goal attack Anania Piri to the Panthers up by 9 points at half time.

Strong defence action from the champion Flames, with U21 National rep and National Squad member Daimzel Rongokea taking charge in the circle, and with consistent shooting by the acrobatic Greta Remuera, Arorangi closed the gap to within two points of the Panthers by the end of the 3rd.

Both sides had to dig deep to push past fatigue in the 4th quarter, and the Panthers came out on top to defeat the Flames 57 - 53.

There are two more weeks left in the round, with games played at the village courts before heading to the BSA for the knockouts, semis and finals.

Please get out to the courts with your Rising Stars polo to support our amazing athletes as they battle their way for bragging rights of winning the Rising Stars Netball Championship.

To purchase a polo to support fundraising efforts, contact Liz Tommy at 74113 or Jackie Rongo at 73560 or visit the Rongohiva hut in town.

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Avatiu Dragonflies vs Titikaveka Pearls:

12U: 11 - 15 to Titikaveka, 20+: 61 - 53 to Avatiu, 15U: 30 - 31 to Titikaveka, 19U: Bye for Avatiu

Arorangi Flames vs Tupapa Panthers

12U: Bye for Tupapa, 20+:  Bye for Tupapa, 15U: 31 -  18 to Arorangi, 19U: 53 – 57 to Tupapa

Ngatangiia SeaGalz vs Takuvaine Red Angels

12U: 27 – 7 to Ngatangiia, 20+:  29 – 61 to Takuvaine, 15U: Bye for Ngatangiia, 19U: Bye for Takuvaine

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