Jonathan Milne

Jonathan Milne

The Government has decided to allow Cook Islanders and permit holders to return from Auckland to Rarotonga, under strict conditions.

If Mike Lee can transform himself from a sweary, stressed out restaurant chef to the zen master of kite-boarding, perhaps he can teach Jonathan Milne to stand up on the board.

When the police launch Te Kukupa left Avatiu harbour, it made history. Do you know why? Be a part of today's quiz to find out.


What names is the demigod Tangaroa known by, across the Pacific? Be a part of today's quiz to find out.


Who better to explain Aitutaki’s captivating sea-life than marine scientist Richard Story? Jonathan Milne and his family go out on the water.

The image of Tangaroa has been legally protected, officials say, and the Kanaloa rugby team must ask permission to use it. 

Tupapa the team to beat

Monday August 24, 2020

The Panthers stormed the Avatiu Swamp this weekend, stamping their mark in the mud.

Greater difficulty accessing finance, and trying to juggle professional, family and community responsibilities, are making the Covid-19 slowdown extra difficult for businesswomen, a new survey reveals.

Message of love

Monday August 24, 2020

Poto Williams, a Cook Islands minister in the New Zealand Government, has sent a “message of love” to Cook Islanders as they face the Covid outbreak.

A Hawai‘i Pacific professional rugby franchise has stirred up a storm by using Rarotonga’s unique depiction of Tangaroa for its commercial branding. 

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