Close results in women’s cricket games

Monday November 19, 2018 Written by Published in Cricket

The Avana 1 and 2 womens cricket teams battled each other in a closely contested match at Nukupure Park on Saturday.


Avana 1, with a score of 78 runs, won the match over Avana 2 by four runs. The top batswomen for the winning team were sisters Tracey and Paula Kareroa, both students from Mangaia.

Avana 2 player Enua Peyroux said they had wanted to give the girls the experience and opportunity to play cricket on the island.

Lina Taufahema and Enua Peyroux took out top batswomen honoursfor their team, Avana 2.

In the men’s cricket match later that afternoon, a youthful Arorangi team racked up 126 runs on the board all-out to defeat a more mature but energetic Avana side by 15 runs all-out.

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