Cricketers wait for sunnier days

Saturday February 11, 2017 Written by Published in Cricket

Until the weather clears up, the remaining leg of the 21South Group Vaka of Origin II Twenty20 cricket series will remain suspended.


The final leg, which was supposed to be played last week, was postponed due to rainy weather.

The organisers were planning to play the series finale between the Sky Pacific Town and Varo Media Country today, but adverse weather throughout the week saw them postpone the match to next week.

Cook Islands Cricket Association chief executive officer Davis Teinaki said since there was a lot at stake between the two teams, they needed ideal conditions to play the match.

In the men’s competition, the Country and Town, which won the series last year, are locked after winning one leg each.

Country won the opening leg followed by a brilliant comeback from the Town which leveled the series with a superb win in the second match.

“We can’t compromise on the quality of the pitch and other conditions for the final leg. The match means a lot to both teams and they need a perfect platform to perform to their best,” Teinaki said.

“We will wait until the weather clears up and then play this match. We don’t want rain to disrupt this final.”

In the women’s competition, Country will be hoping to make a clean sweep after clinching the series title with two wins.

“This (postponement) gives teams more time to prepare but I guess the weather is not helping them,” Teinaki said.

“We hope to have the final leg played on Saturday next week.”

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