Cricket set for big last day

Wednesday February 08, 2017 Written by Published in Cricket
Cricket set for big last day

The torrential rain over the weekend has done no damage to the Turangi Field which is in perfect shape to host the final leg of the 21South Group Vaka of Origin II Twenty20 cricket series this Saturday.


The finale - which was scheduled for Saturday last week - was postponed to this weekend following adverse weather conditions.

The final leg of the annual series will see the Sky Pacific Town and Varo Media Country go head to head in the exciting women’s and men’s clashes.

Country has already bagged the women’s title after two wins and are eyeing for a clean sweep with a third win on Saturday.

The men’s competition is still open with both teams tied on one win apiece after Country won the opener before Town leveled the series.

Country women’s coach Amoa More said the decision to postpone last week’s match was a perfect one.

He said there was a lot at stake in the final for both teams.

“It’s an important match and we need to have a good day for a good final.” More said.

“The Country women’s team is trying to complete a clean sweep while the men’s side is also eyeing the series win.

“So the final leg is very important and we need a perfect pitch to play these matches.”

More said Turangi Field remained unscathed despite a heavy downpour last week.

He said the field was “soaked up” on Saturday, adding it was drying up well, thanks to the fine weather so far this week.

“According to the weather forecast, we will have a fine weather this week so everyone is looking forward to the final leg this Saturday.”

Meanwhile series sponsor Grant Walker had earlier predicted fireworks both on and off the pitch in the final leg.

He said the two legs had seen some stunning catches and some powerful batting. 

“Personally, I’m so very pleased with the effort level of every game so far.”

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