First class course for cricket umpires

Monday April 27, 2015 Written by CIC Published in Cricket
Top class cricket umpire Tony Gillies. Top class cricket umpire Tony Gillies.

New Zealand’s first class cricket umpire Tony Gillies is on Rarotonga and excited to be delivering a new umpires course this evening.

Gillies, who has also umpired in South Africa, is among New Zealand Cricket's top 10 umpires.

Tonight's course 'Certificate in Third Umpiring' focuses on the important role a third umpire plays in ensuring a match runs smoothly and is a departure from traditional courses which tend to focus on just the rules of cricket.

Gillies is excited to have created something new for local umpires to sink their teeth into and says the course will have a strong practical learning approach as opposed to too much theory. Cooks Umpires Association coordinator Oliver Syme is anticipating up to 20 of its Motor Centre sponsored umpires to attend this evening’s course from 5.30pm in Matavera.

Syme said anyone not already registered but would like to register for these evenings free course can contact him on 22055.  

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