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Exciting changes for Rarotonga cricket

Wednesday June 18, 2014 Written by Published in Cricket
Cricket on Rarotonga will be seeing some changes, with a meeting this Friday to get the ball rolling. 14061725 Cricket on Rarotonga will be seeing some changes, with a meeting this Friday to get the ball rolling. 14061725

There are exciting times ahead for cricket on Rarotonga, starting with the introduction of the new Rarotonga Cricket Association (RCA).

The first meeting of the RCA will be held this Friday where the newly established committee will be responsible for planning, co-ordinating and delivering senior cricket on Rarotonga.

Crickets CEO Alister Stevic is excited about the formation of the new association saying that the new model is representative of the long way the standard of club cricket administration has come over the past three years.

“With 13 new teams on Rarotonga alone, the time is right for us to move the responsibility to the clubs; cricket in the Cook Islands has gained international recognition for its development, the islands, clubs, players, sponsors and volunteers have achieved a tremendous amount in such a short period of time,” says Stevic.

Cook Islands Cricket does not expect too many changes to the upcoming Rarotonga season.

“The blueprint is there, we have plenty of passionate club representatives that are doing a tremendous job with their club teams; they are hard-working; they are bursting with fantastic ideas and I believe these people are more than capable of making a success of the RCA.”

The RCA is a sustainable approach to managing cricket on Rarotonga and will see Rarotonga follow suit with the outer islands of Pukapuka, Mangaia, Mauke and Aitutaki who all do a fantastic job in running their respective islands competitions with support provided by Cook Islands Cricket.

Stevic emphasised the importance of each Rarotonga club team being present at the first meeting of the RCA this Friday at 5.15pm at the cricket office in Nikao.

Each club team is expected to put forward two team representatives to the new RCA committee, after which the club teams will vote for a chairperson, vice chairperson and treasurer before the teams collectively discuss and vote on the structure of the coming season.

Raising the profile of cricket and having more seniors playing has been the prime focus of the cricket office these past three years and with the size of Cook Islands Cricket’s national programmes growing significantly over the past three years the offices prime objectives for 2014 is on having more youngsters playing cricket, strengthening outer island committees, providing more development opportunities for its national teams, investing in coach and umpire development and managing the significant number of touring teams for 2014/15.

For more information about this Friday's meeting players can contact their team captain, CICA’s president Oliver Syme  on 22055 or CICA's CEO Alister Stevic on 55740. 

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