Campaign to save law camp

Wednesday March 07, 2018

An Otago student has started a campaign to save a controversial camp for second-year law students.

Planned to go back in time

Wednesday March 07, 2018

An anti-census campaigner in New Zealand was hoping to avoid yesterday’s compulsory national count by hiding in a TARDIS, it’s reported.

NEW ZEALAND – Meg, a black labrador-huntaway cross, disappeared after a crash in which the car she was travelling in rolled on January 31 in Purakaunui, near Dunedin.

NEW ZEALAND – New Zealand’s introduction of an online census has caused consternation throughout with country, with the absence of an ethnic group choice, accessibility issues for the disabled and elderly, and fears that the nation’s most marginalised people won’t be counted.

Law camp party cancelled

Tuesday March 06, 2018

Otago University has cancelled its law camp after complaints of past excessive drinking, nudity and jelly wrestling.

NEW ZEALAND – New Zealand is planning to release a rabbit virus across the country, in an attempt to cull the ballooning wild population.

NEW ZEALAND – A Gisborne councillor says a decision to have both Maori and English names for the city’s bay doesn’t go far enough and the name Poverty Bay should be dropped entirely.

PACIFIC – A study of ancient DNA has shed light on the epic journeys that led to the settlement of the Pacific by humans.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – For nearly a week, Isaac Pulupe and seven of his family members have been living under a bit of canvas stretched between the remnants of his house, with little food, dirty water and no electricity.

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