Around the Pacific

Monday March 05, 2018

Internet for remote islands

PACIFIC – The New Zealand government has kicked off what it calls the “Pacific reset”, with Jacinda Ardern beginning her first trip to the region as Prime Minister.

Law schools cut ties with firm

Friday March 02, 2018

All six of the New Zealand’s university law schools have cut ties with law firm Russell McVeagh.

Fruit pickers need better pay

Friday March 02, 2018

Fruit growers will have to pay pickers more if they want to entice more workers into jobs, the Immigration Minister says.

Building industry gridlocked

Friday March 02, 2018

A building industry leader says Auckland’s gridlock has doubled delivery costs and some fed-up truck drivers have quit their jobs.

NEW ZEALAND – A Californian on holiday in New Zealand caused a head-on crash, injuring her partner and another driver, after instinctively driving on the right-hand side of the road.

NEW ZEALAND – Polytechnic mergers are not being ruled out as the sector tries to find a way to survive mounting financial pressures.

NEW ZEALAND – A mentally deranged teenager tried to kill Queen Elizabeth during a royal visit visit to New Zealand in 1981, declassified official documents have confirmed.

Around the Pacific

Friday March 02, 2018

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