Fiji Times offices searched

Sunday April 02, 2017

FIJI – The main office of one of Fiji’s main newspapers, the Fiji Times, was searched by police this week in connection with an ongoing sedition case.

NEW ZEALAND – A spindly, crooked tree that appears to have grown up out of a lake has become an unlikely internet star and the most photographed tree in New Zealand.

NEW ZEALAND – A Vanuatu food company giving overseas seasonal workers a taste of home is set to increase its workforce as sales rise.

NEW ZEALAND – A Samoan father-of-five–  who claims he was offered a job as a church youth pastor and then made to work “like a slave” in an orchard  – has been deported.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A Papua New Guinea church leader says strengthened laws and better law enforcement is needed
to combat sorcery-related violence.

SOLOMON ISLANDS – Steep airfares are a major impediment to Solomon Island workers wanting to take part in New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employers scheme.

PACIFIC – The head of the European Union’s international development arm says its partnership with the Pacific region is at the dawn of a new era.


Saturday April 01, 2017


Crackdown on smuggling

Saturday April 01, 2017

SOLOMON ISLANDS – Increasing attempts to smuggle goods through ports in Solomon Islands have resulted in customs and inland revenue officials this week launching a joint operation to crack down on the practise.

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