China undermines Pacific countries push for climate security

Monday August 17, 2020 Written by RNZP Published in Small World
Coral Pasisi Photo: IISD Coral Pasisi Photo: IISD

A push by Pacific countries to include climate change on the UN Security Council's agenda has been undermined by China, RNZ reports.

The countries had sought to draw greater attention to climate fragility areas.

Last month the council met to seek greater understanding of climate change's security and conflict implications.

Niuean climate change expert Coral Pasisi presented the three most pressing issues facing the region and how these would impact security.

Nauru delivered a statement from 51 member states of the Group of Friends on Climate and Security looking to enhance the council's response to climate-related security risks.

Fiji spoke on behalf of Small Island Developing States.

Most member states said they expected the council to comprehensively and systematically address the security dimension of climate change.

However China said there was no link between climate change and security, saying the solution lay in sustainable development. A final report on the meeting is due out this week.

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