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NEW CALEDONIA – A New Caledonian organisation caring for victims of sexual violence says there is a worrying decline in fundamental values of respect. The group, SOS Violences Sexuelles, has held its general assembly two months after a highly-publicised rape in Canala which prompted a number of demonstrations. Figures compiled by a range of organisations and published in the territory’s daily newspaper show the number of sexual crimes remains high. They show that almost two-thirds of reported sex crimes are committed within families and that two-thirds of all victims are underage. Furthermore, about a quarter of the territory’s prison inmates have been jailed for sex crimes. A study presented to the government shows that in the past year 19 per cent of New Caledonia’s women were assaulted by their partners or ex-partners.

reality show ‘victim’ flies back to paris

FIJI –  French woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted during the filming of a reality TV show in Fiji has flown back to Paris Candide Renard reported that she had been sexually assaulted by a fellow competitor during the first five days of filming of the latest series of Koh-Lanta which is modelled on the reality show Survivor. Her identity was confirmed by her father Herve Renaud, who is the coach of Morocco’s national football team. The production company Adventure Line said the alleged assailant has rejected the accusation by the 21-year-old woman. It is not known if a complaint has been laid. Because of the incident, it was decided to abandon the shoot of the highly-rated programme which was to have been aired later this year.

media body seen as a TIMELY necessity

TONGA – The president of the newly-formed Media Association of Tonga (MAT) says the body is necessary to help journalists operate in the current political and social environment. Lady Luseane Luani heads MAT, which was created during last week’s Pacific Islands News Association meeting in Tonga. Earlier in the month Tonga had dropped two places in a set of global media freedom rankings and a prominent local commentator declared the situation in the country was the worst he had seen in 30 years. Lady Luseane said local journalists needed a strong network to back them up. “We really need an association to help us, to pull us together, to be united in our task as journalists. Especially at this time in Tonga, we are facing a lot of challenges in our field of work especially on reporting,” she said.


PAPUA NEW GUINEA – PNG sprint queen Toea Wisil capped off a Japan visit last week with a first place finish and respectable early season times, according to the Post-Courier. Four months on from her 2017 Mini Games performances and a move back to PNG Wisil returned to the track during the Japanese athletics championships after being suspended from the PNG Commonwealth Games squad last month. Wisil topped the medal stand running bests of 11.65 and 24.02 in her 100m and 200m events, bettering her Vanuatu performances. Her competitors were ready and presented a big challenge for Wisil as many of them are preparing for their Japanese National Championships in June, the paper said. With Papua New Guinea’s national athletics championships in August, her coaching staff is emphasising patience during Toea’s progress this year. Wisil will also compete in Ireland in July.

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