Irregularities alleged in first round of voting

Monday April 30, 2018 Written by Published in Regional

FRENCH POLYNESIA – French Polynesia’s Tahoeraa party says there have been a number of irregularities on part of the ruling Tapura party in the first round of voting for a new territorial assembly and complaints will be lodged.


The party held a news conference at which it alleged that the Bora Bora mayor Gaston Tong Sang asked polling staff to allow voters to cast their ballots without showing any identification.

It also claims the mayor of Huahine tried to influence voters by giving away fuel from the petrol station he owns, and by donating frozen chickens.

The Tahoeraa also said the mayor of Makemo made a death threat against one of its activists.

It has castigated the Tapura for standing nine candidates with criminal convictions for abusing public funds, including the president Edouard Fritch.

The Tahoeraa’s top candidate Geffry Salmon, said Fritch was disbursing millions of dollars worth of materials in a way which surpassed his former master Gaston Flosse.

For decades Fritch was the deputy Tahoeraa leader behind Flosse who was banned from office because of a corruption conviction.

The second round of voting will be on May 6.If the Tapura maintains its momentum from the first round, it will be returned to power with an increased majority.           - RNZI

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