MP gives the PM a good telling off

Friday April 27, 2018 Written by Published in Regional

SAMOA –  Samoa Member of Parliament, Olo Fiti Vaai, has called on Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, to act like a leader and keep the peace in Samoa.


Last month, a dispute, which led to Luatuanu‘u village men blocking the road, was the result of a rugby fight between Luatuanu‘u youth and the nearby village of Falefa.

When the Police turned up, they were attacked with stones.

At the time, Tuilaepa said the young people of Luatuanu‘u had no right to endanger the lives of the police and the travelling public.

“These types of actions do not exist at this time and age. The actions by these young men are not that of humans, rather they are the actions of dogs,” the prime minister told media.

Olo Fiti condemned the prime minister’s comments.

“This is humble advice to the prime minister, you are a leader and you should act like one.

“He should lead by example and keep the peace. And I urge our prime minister to please choose his words wisely.

“There is a difference between advising as a chief and head of your family and giving advice as leader of this country, we are so proud of,”  Olo Fiti said. 

“As a leader, everyone should be equal in your view and I am worried that this is causing a clash between Luatuanu‘u and the Ministry of Police.

“This quarrel between the prime minster and Luatuanu‘u and the question that comes to mind is – to what end?

“Life is precious and if this continues and a life is lost, what is the purpose?

“Isn’t the whole purpose of the police is to keep the peace and ensure the safety of our people?

“I don’t condone the Luatuanu‘u actions of blocking the road but we should let the law take its course.

“If anything, the prime minister is only adding fuel to the fire, every time Tuilaepa is on air with his live interviews with 2AP, he has always said negative comments towards Luatuanu‘u.

“The end result only causes commotion. He’s doing more harm than good and I don’t know what the purpose is,” Olo Fiti said.

“Labelling of the Luatuanu‘u youth as ‘dogs’ was too harsh.  Let me remind the Prime Minister the core function of the Ministry of Police in which he is the minister is keeping the peace and ensuring the safety of our people.”

                - Samoa Observer

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