Plastic shopping bag ban ‘not legal’

Wednesday April 25, 2018 Written by Published in Regional

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – A business in Papua New Guinea  licensed to import plastic shopping bags has questioned the legality of the recent ban imposed by the government.


The firm, whose general manager asked that it be not identified for security reasons, claims the announcement by the Minister for Environment, Conservation and Climate Change, John Pundari, did not have any legal effect because there was no legislation which allowed a blanket ban on the import, manufacture and use of plastic shopping bags.

“Any legislative or policy change and amendments that the government wish to introduce or undertake must have a wider consultation and take on board the views of all key stakeholders and industry players.

“Not at one point in time have we been consulted. We were caught by surprise when the announcement was made in the media.”

Pundari said the government will now hold consultations  next month because of the concerns raised by companies regarding his announcement.

But he maintained that he would not deviate from his decision and the stand taken to eliminate plastic waste.

“I must make it clear that we as a responsible government will not deviate from imposing a complete ban on the imports, manufacture and use of all plastic shopping bags in the country in the long-term,” Pundari said.

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