Samoa’s Pinktober ambassador passes away

Monday April 23, 2018 Written by Published in Regional

SAMOA – The face of Samoa’s Pinktober and the fight against cancer, Manamea Apelu-Schwalger, died peacefully on Sunday.


Manamea, a former Miss Samoa and Miss South Pacific, had become the face of the fight against cancer on Samoa. Her message of hope during the last Pinktober was loud and clear, “do what is tangible.”

She said that while cancer can happen to anyone indiscriminately, “we can always control how we react to it.”

Manamea played a leading role in getting the government to agree to paint the Apia clock tower pink last year as part of Pinktober.

“Now that we are done with Pinktober, I’m not going to stop my work,” she saidat the end of the campaign.

But most importantly, she said, the conversation must go on – with or without her.

 “Please every year, paint Samoa pink. What we’ve done this year by having the vibrancy of the colour pink everywhere is a reminder to people that we are talking cancer so that it reduces the fear of cancer.”

 “You know what, I’m last stage cancer, so it’s my hope that you continue the conversations – that’s my dream – that Samoa continues that conversation and not just for cancer, all humanitarian causes that impact our society.”        - Samoa Ob-server

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