Virtues in Paradise

Linda Kavelin-Popov is co-founder of The Virtues Project and best-selling author of ‘The family virtues guide’, ‘A pace of grace’, ‘Graceful endings’ and other books on virtues. In this regular column, she explores virtues in the Cook Islands context. You can find out more about her work at or


Have you ever wondered what is the difference between mental illness and madness?

The power and blessings of gratitude

Saturday October 06, 2018

I was sitting outside the pharmacy at Aitutaki Hospital smiling to myself and a nurse came along to visit with me for a moment. “You seem happy,” she said.

The Four Agreements for a happier life

Saturday September 29, 2018

The Four Agreements is a small but powerful book by Don Miguel Ruiz.

He says everything we do is based on our agreements - with the Divine, with other people, and most importantly, with ourselves.

One of life’s small pleasures for me is setting a goal, then accomplishing it.

Trust essential for open communication

Saturday September 01, 2018

If you’re interested in genuine conversation and open communication, creating trust is essential.

Years ago, I read a fascinating book entitled “Mutant Message Down Under”, by Marlo Morgan.

As I navigate this season of elderhood, one of its lovely surprises is that intimacy has become more central in my life. 

Are you familiar with the blurt?

It is one of my least favorite and most dire old habits.

The idea of the A-type personality was popular some years ago, referring to someone who had to get all A’s in school, drove themselves mercilessly, and had to get it all done, whatever it was.

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