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Tropical Chronicles

Wilkie Rasmussen, the leader of the opposition Democratic Party, gives his views on politics and events in the Cook islands in this regular column. The same opportunity to write a column has been offered to the Prime Minister several times since the 2010 General Election, but this was never accepted or taken up. CI News maintains a strong stand as being politically neutral, and is unaligned with any party or politicians.

Friendship is one of the greatest blessings of life, and a lifelong friend is a special blessing.

Being Tongareva-born, I have an ongoing interest in the affairs of the island.

‘So-so’ theme does CIP no favours

The Cook Islands Party (CIP) made two horrific mistakes lately.

In my decade, or more, of being a Member of Parliament, this week of sitting must stand out as one of the most extraordinary.

Prime Minister Henry Puna and fnance secretary Richard Neves must be seething with anger over their defeat at the hands of elderly foes.

Let’s hope 2014 is an exciting one, but I and the Democratic Party promise a lot to happen as we go through.

In my life I have a limited circle of friends.

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