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Smoke Signals


Heard a funny real-life story or something out of the ordinary? Lighthearted Smoke Signals will be accepted for our opinion pages by e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), text to 188 or a phone call to the newsroom on 22999. Please note, material that goes beyond the bounds of decent taste or is defamatory is not likely to be used. Don’t forget to give us your name and contact number in case we need to check details and verify facts. All correspondence is confidential.


Go on, smoke it!

Aitutaki misses out

Friday September 22, 2017

It is very disappointing to hear that the Aitutaki Ports Authority wasn’t authorised to exempt the port charge for the donated timber used in the playground that’s being built for the children of Aitutaki.

It seems the message about burning tyres, and all sorts of other dangerous materials isn’t getting through at all.

A matter of cost

Thursday September 14, 2017

Bluesky has reinstated CITV and Vaka to Aitutaki subscribers, but have halved the total number of programmes available. There’s no reduction of monthly fees though! They claim this is a result of costs to get signals to Araura Enua. Does this mean our phone and internet charges will also double?

‘Response’ a disgrace

Monday September 11, 2017

For no-one to be attending any of those emergency response phone lines when the tsunami warning came, is just a national disgrace!

Last week a smoke signaller commented on the absence of the CI Herald from the island for the last few months.

“I see Jetstar is celebrating 14 years of ‘service’,” a smoke signaller says.

We are the most obese nation in the world and one in three of our people have diabetes or heart problems.

Trees better option

Wednesday August 30, 2017

While the nice smooth surface at the Punanga Nui market is nice to stroll down on a cold winter Saturday morning and visitors can get a bit of warmth from the solar heat-collecting black tar, what’s it going to be like in mid-summer?

Thanks to the driver of the yellow sewage truck for spilling the stinky contents of your tanker truck along the Maraerenga main road last Thursday and spoiling lunch for evcryone who was eating outdoors. Talk about “dumping” in the wrong place.

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