Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals are remarks and observations that range from the serious to the sarcastic. Typically anonymous, these quips capture the community's notes on life and events in the Cooks, or what's echoing over the Coconut Wireless. Smoke Signals and interesting island photos can be sent by email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or text to 188, or call the newsroom on 22999.

Could Infrastructure Cook Islands or whoever is responsible please fix the dreadful potholes around the island?

Smoke Signals

Tuesday October 16, 2018

A smoke signaller wants to know just how close boats can get to visiting whales.

Smoke Signals

Thursday October 18, 2018

The story in last week’s CINews about the prime minister’s trip to Manihiki to open the island’s new airport terminal lacked some vital information.

Smoke Signals

Tuesday May 15, 2018

Where in the world is our prime minister this time?

Mouldy Ministry

Monday February 19, 2018

Well, while we wait for the same sad Chinese crew that built the sad courthouse to come and ‘fix’ the place up at the cost of millions, the same sad administration of the Ministry of Justice can’t find the time to clean the nice, fresh mould and slime off the brand-new tile steps that replaced the mouldy and slime-infested old steps. Asleep at the wheel.

I recently read some criticism of George Maggie in CINews. I don’t agree with everything this person was saying about George Maggie because I think Maggie is a great example for the people’s representative and the people in parliament.

This signaller is wondering where or how the tax department gets their information on past tax that is outstanding.

Smoke signaller who was in the departure lounge at Rarotonga International Airport recently says the lounge facilities need to be much more closely monitored.

“It’s good to see the police out conducting random checkpoints all over the island, a smoke signaller says.

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