Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals are remarks and observations that range from the serious to the sarcastic. Typically anonymous, these quips capture the community's notes on life and events in the Cooks, or what's echoing over the Coconut Wireless. Smoke Signals and interesting island photos can be sent by email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or text to 188, or call the newsroom on 22999.

Roads not so cool

Thursday April 20, 2017

“There’s no point having pretty scooters or cool racer motorbikes on this island,” an exasperated driver says. “Vehicle centres should only be selling quad bikes and off-road motorbikes since our back road is practically a dirt track, and sadly, our main road is hardly any better.”

The latest Demo line-up of “leaders,” of the same old tired faces, and the pushing to the back of the young faces and any hope for change, brings to mind lines from a Pete Seeger song,” a smoke signaller says:

“On Sunday around lunchtime I saw a dark blue Toyota car and a motor bike having a race down the straight part of road near Matavera church and the rugby club,” a smoke signaller says.


Sunday April 09, 2017

Does the helmet law only look good on paper?

How’s the administration of the new helmet law going, a smoke signaller asks?

Prime minister Puna says the best way to make friends and get money is to shake hands and look them in the eye in their own country, a smoke signaller says.


Wednesday April 05, 2017

PM on the bandwagon, but action speaks louder than words

“It’s good to see PM jump on the bandwagon on Muri lagoon issue, but we all understand it’s actions that speak louder than voices,” a smoke signaller says.


Tuesday April 04, 2017

Mining their own business

To the people complaining about the sand mining in Muri, there is no reason to complain, a smoke signaller reckons.


Monday April 03, 2017

Fooled about stairs

What a great April Fools Day story regarding the green stairway at the courthouse.


Sunday April 02, 2017

Rowdy party buses and traffic taking away our peace

I admire the New Zealand government for not allowing electric bikes to spoil the beauty and serenity of the peaceful Tongariro National Park, a smoke signaller says.

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