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Wednesday December 12, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Expensive Atiu roads a slippery path for taxpayers

It seems PM Henry Puna will go to extreme lengths to stay in power and give in to whatever Maggie, Rob and Rose want. Rumours are that the road works on Atiu cost $1.5 million and the fancy streetlights on the island cost taxpayers over $200,000. And yet the CIP government can’t even put medical doctors on each of the outer islands. There are now more pigs  than humans on Atiu and guess they will get to enjoy the disco street lights. The appointment of CIP supporters to  HoM and chief executive positions is pathetic and a complete joke – not to mention an apparent abuse of power.



The proposal to build a grandstand and fitness club on the tennis courts at Nukupure 3C has been defeated by an overwhelming majority of Ngati Teaia, who are the traditional  landowners of that part of Muri. The owners were unhappy with several aspects of the proposal.  For one thing, they were not even aware of the proposal until they were offered money. For another, there was a user-pays element to the proposal which owners saw as an imposition on them. Then there was the hidden agenda of taking control of the land. They also questioned the need for another building when the football clubhouse is just metres away, and a perfectly usable meeting house on the main road is available too.  Why not just upgrade the surface without all the conditions attached? The decision is subject to the endorsement of the various family groups to ensure that the views of all owners are taken into consideration.


To the person driving the white rental registered car with the licence plate numbers 411 on Thursday afternoon. Why the big hurry? Passing a line of traffic on a yellow line just before a corner at Blackrock could easily have killed someone, and you were clearly speeding well over the limit. Not content with that, you also sped past another line of cars in an area where roadworks have just been completed. If you have so little regard for your life that you don’t mind killing yourself, that’s fine – but don’t put others in danger of being killed or maimed for life. The speed limit is 50kmh, not 80. And when you get stuck behind a line of slow bike riders, just be patient. You’ll get past them eventually.


According to the coconut wireless and persistent stories that all seem to align, certain people in the government are being very careless with their internet use. Remember, on this island there is always someone watching you – even if it is electronically. Also, remember that word about excessive phone and broadband bills will get back to the taxpayer eventually. And they will remember when it comes to the next election.


The Minister for Suspensions is still throwing her weight around on Atiu and her actions seem to have been the source of great distress to some in the community. Time maybe for the new ministers to be given some lessons on how to treat others – and how to handle their new-found power. Some of them aren’t doing too well in this department. Suspensions, excessive spending on the taxpayer’s dime, mishandled efforts to boot out the Police Commissioner…the list is mounting. And we haven’t even mentioned all the travel and the phone bills, and much more.


The mud is flying on Atiu, but where will it stick? On the Agriculture minister? On a head of ministry? Or on sacked government employees? Watch this space!

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