Smoke Signals

Tuesday October 16, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals
Smoke Signals

A smoke signaller wants to know just how close boats can get to visiting whales.


The reason, he asks, is that he and a party of tourists were having a wonderful time watching and photographing a pod of cetaceans from the deck of the Blue Water Tours’ vessel on Sunday.

Their captain ensuring the boat was keeping a safe distance from the whales – about 300 metres away – so as not to disturb them.

 “We were having a great time just watching the whales, but then this annoying little craft would race up to them and off they would swim.

“We would then alter our course and move slowly to where they next appeared only for the little boat to whiz after them again.

“It happened time and again. We got pretty annoyed – not only for ourselves, but also the whales. Here they were having a nice time and this boat kept on disturbing them.”

Our signaller says he got a close-up photo of the smaller boat and was disappointed to see it was a whale research vessel.

“They were pretty close to the whales, probably within 20 metres would be my estimate. And they did not seem to care that they were getting in our way, or chasing the whales away from us.

“We all thought it was pretty rude and inconsiderate.

“After all, the whales belong to everyone and no-one.”

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