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Smoke Signals

Thursday September 20, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Time to front up on pension

In 2016 Members of Parliament (Rose Brown and George Maggie) attended a meeting of Grey Power at Sinai Hall. At that meeting the MPs pledged to support the abolition of taxation on pensioner benefits.

These two are now members of a coalition government and could hold the balance of power in parliament. The question now to be asked is will they honour their pledges and lobby the CIP members to amend the law and abolish the taxation on pensions?



Now that the Chamber of Commerce has Cook Islanders as president, vice-president and treasurer, along with other Cook Islanders on the executive committee as well, what will the government’s excuse be for not taking their views seriously now?



Today’s ceremonial opening of parliament is all well and good, but what did it actually cost the taxpayer for these people to cavort around before the cameras in their Sunday best. Can we expect the government to front up and let us know, since we, the people paid for this ludicrous spectacle? Parliament meets so seldom, it is just all just a sham.