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Thursday August 02, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Float parade or just another photo opp?

Once again a public event, the float parade is turned into a caretaker government photo opportunity. Once participants have marched past the podium their usefulness is over. The attitude seems to be, who cares where they go after that?



Did people really come to Rarotonga just to hand over a couple of TV screens? No wonder George Maggie looked unimpressed and asked for more.


Are we beggars now? I was disgusted listening to George Maggie’s speech to the Chinese delegation at the auditorium this week. They had “gifted” two LED screens to the Cook Islands. He thanked them, then in the next breath asked for machinery for Culture to use. Why does the ministry need 4WD vehicles and as he said, “machinery”? When did we become a country of beggars? Maybe Maggie should have foregone that trip to Korea and used that money to buy his machinery.


It was very sad to see the fire at Aitutaki Lagoon and Spa. In my opinion it has shown a serious lack of safety. Because it is located on a private island with no vehicle access, it meant the fire engine couldn’t reach the site to assist. If you have a private island, should you also have your own fire appliances? No working pumps…seriously? The safety of our tourists and staff was put at risk. Time to rebuild the bridge and spend money to ensure that if something like this does happen again the safety facilities will be up to standard.

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