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Tuesday May 29, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Wage increase no more than a slap in the face for workers

This 25 cent increase to our minimum wage is a colossal slap in every Cook Islands’ citizens’ face. For a person on minimum wage who works a 40-hour week, that is a total of $10 extra a week, or $2 extra a day. And don’t forget the tax! If I tried hard enough, I could probably find that much money lying around on the side of the road every week.

We should be thankful that there was even an increase at all. But, for a government that harps on about how great our financial position is and the fact that we could afford to have a tax amnesty and forgive millions of dollars in tax, a mere 25 cent increase is utterly insulting. Is this how the CIP plan to entice our brothers and sisters emigrating to New Zealand and Australia to come back to the Cook Islands? Is this the value CIP place on the locals who actually stay behind to try and make our country a better place? I won’t be voting for this government to stay.


Bingo! The penny has dropped! Merchants of Paradise’s $120 million profit must be coming from selling rights to our manganese nodules. Bring in a coco business idea that sounds half legitimate, borrow money from China and when the business fails take security over our resources.

If the Chinese are involved they will run rings around Tepaki and all his bean counters. No different from what we are seeing around the world.


Can anyone believe that a “political commentator” who is well known for meddling in political affairs, can change sides just like that and still maintain any credibility? He has boasted of being hired by Mark Brown and then Albert Nicholas, who got into big strife as a result. Now he’s busy promoting the Demos! A political chameleon?


Thank you to the people cutting grass on the side of the road that stop when they see vehicles coming. In the heat it must be irritating to have to stop so often, and make your task take even longer! Especially from all the motorcyclists – on a few occasions I’ve had stones flung at my face from the mower, which is not so great when you’re trying to drive, so thank you!


I am wondering why I am the only person complaining about the countless Bluesky text messages about their upcoming promotions. One is the Christmas Box promo and Add-on To Win. I am not sure whether my account is being charged every time I open these messages. I hope Bluesky can clarify. Even though they have a monopoly with telecommunications, what right does a customer have regarding coping with these messages? It is a nuisance and I am wondering also what it costs for any charity group to use this avenue as a mean of fund raising.

SS – Bluesky replies: Text messages received by the customer are not charged upon opening the message. Customers are able to ‘unsubscribe’ from receiving promotional messages either by dialling *888# and selecting OTHER > SMS Broadcast to unsubscribe, or by going to MyBlueskyApp and selecting Settings > Disable Promotional broadcasts. Customers who unsubscribe from the promotional messages will still receive emergency messages as directed by emergency services.

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