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Thursday May 17, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Free ride on radio could come back to bite Demos

My advice to the Democratic Party is not to enjoy the free ride provided by George Pitt on his national radio station during this campaign period, as everything he says is anti-government.

He has yet to provide his own achievable policies but still spends his time counter-attacking what the current government has been doing. He should also stop denying that the Democratic Party doesn’t have leadership problems. What George Pitt is doing could be killing you dearly come election day.


New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has used the example of what used to happen at election time in the Cook Islands to highlight practical obstacles to allowing New Zealand Maori to switch between electoral rolls at any time. The country’s Electoral Commission has recommended parliament scrap the Maori option that happens after every census and allow switching between the Maori and general rolls whenever they want. But Peters says that could undermine democracy in a similar way to the problems that used to happen in the Cook Islands. "It's possible to shift two or three electorates just by shifting numbers around and make it four, five electorates and you can move those numbers around a month out from an election and slant the results in the direct constituency vote,” he told New Zealand news media. If that happens democracy won't be served because it will be like (former Cook Island premier) Albert Henry's fly-in voters.”


Last Saturday’s Red Cross Charity Ball highlighted the number of rude and ungrateful people who sometimes frequent public occasions. While guest speaker Dr Lance O’Sullivan was making his interesting presentation, people at one table went on merrily glugging wine and chatting together. Three were in a conversational huddle to one side of the table in full view of the speaker. Another person at the same table was talking loudly on her cell phone. Why pay to go to something like that and then behave so badly?


One couple even tried to smuggle their own wine into the charity ball – in spite of the fact that each table had three bottles of wine on it, and more were available at the bar for the reasonable price of $30. Fortunately, their cheapskate attempt came to nothing – their wine was spotted and duly confiscated. And this was a charity event, for goodness sake!

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