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Thursday May 10, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Litterers deserve fine

The amount of rubbish on our beaches is getting more and more noticeable and the problem isn’t just confined to the Nikao Social Centre. I agree with the smoke signaller who suggested the Environment Service should appoint someone to police the beach at Nikao and slap an instant and very large fine on anyone who leaves rubbish there. How anyone could get away with dumping a TV set or a vacuum cleaner, as they did recently, is beyond me. If you did that in Singapore, it would probably be jail for life.



In the office this morning our radio is on and low and behold, it’s the George Pitt and William Framhein show again! Someone from across the rooms yells out “turn that hogwash off”, and there’s a ripple of laughter through the office. Another pipes up: “Why on earth are these two goons allowed on the radio? Someone else adds, “Yep it’s the Goon Show alright - full of silly comments and baseless claims! Here’s the clincher from another staff member: “Don’t worry guys, people out there are now on to these two … they are aware that they churn out enough garbage to fill a dump truck.” Click. Radio turned off!


88FM featured Margharet Matenga airing her political views the other day. What happened to the idea of only broadcasting this stuff on our Radio Cook Islands? “Gdub”, we would rather listen to your amazing sound tracks and business promotions – and, of course, the lunch giveaway, than listen to politics. Keep your election news on Radio Cook Islands.


The tourist season is building up, and so too is the number of mindless drivers – both locals and tourists, on our sub-standard roads. Hire companies, please show the visitors where the indicators are on their bikes and cars, and please also make sure they know which side of the road to drive on. Many reckless young locals don’t seem to know which side it is, but they’re never going to listen anyway.


A spelling mistake in an ad in the daily newspaper made me chuckle. It called for someone who is “computer illiterate!” At least there wouldn’t be any shortage of suitable candidates.

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