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So there were no League Association officials at the Titikaveka versus Takuvaine game the weekend before last, because they had apparently all gone to watch what was supposedly the main game instead. And you wonder why the level competition is a joke – because those in charge are hopeless. It’s probably the same in all sports except bowling and soccer. Luckily for the management of these codes, the election is a huge distraction at present.



Guess no one heard about the exciting game against the reserve grade that weekend. Very interesting indeed – the second half had just started, then the game was withdrawn due to a dispute between the volunteer referee and a TKV player. So the top-four placing was awarded to Titikaveka 22, Takuvaine 18. Congratulations to Titikaveka on your awarded win.


Would anyone care to explain why the League Association couldn’t provide an appropriate referee and an assistant linesman for both grades against the Titikaveka vs Takuvaine league game recently? Thank you to the referee who volunteered to run a one-man game.


At the recent CIP launch, candidate Mia Teaurima, who lives in Rarotonga, asked the voters of Tamarua, Mangaia “to trust me to carry out the development that we have been missing out on all these years”. Now seriously, is that a promise or a threat? The CIP made the same promises four years ago and eight years ago, but of course they remained, as always in Mangaia, Demos. So they went without for eight years while watching other islands get the goodies. So was Mia saying, ‘I promise a bright future’, OR, ‘If you don’t vote for me and CIP win you’ll get nothing for another four years’? Either way it doesn’t pay to be a Demo when the CIP hold the whip – vindictive eh? Mia, you’ve been off the island too long!


Oops Minister Brown, you let slip a little information again – or is it intentional to release information in slow doses but still never discuss the whole project? Previously you told us New Zealand is providing a $15 million grant. Then the other night on TV you added another $15 million ADB loan, which leaves a shortfall of $20 million according to Winston Peters’ estimate. BUT you have still never explained to anyone the total cost or the actual value of the project, or how it is going to benefit the Cook Islands people. Or have you actually signed agreements already? Without consultation perhaps? It appears the Demos are still in the dark – $50 million, and an election in process, is this customary?


Although many don’t like the road toll which has been in place at Wigmore’s, there are no dirty nappies, takeaway plates, plastic and glass bottles left behind by some untidy locals anymore. Tourists show respect and take their rubbish with them. Appoint a warden at the Nikao Social Centre to take car numbers of these untidy people who deliberately leave their junk on our beautiful beach with a hefty fine to follow, or a couple of months picking up rubbish at the beach.


Aunty Mau really needs to retire, as she commented on local news the other night that she has been a politician for 22 years since 1994. If my memory is correct, her first entrance in her political career won her the seat through the New Alliance Party in 1996. Surely this adds up to 22 years? It seems that her fairytale story has gone down memory lane pretty badly. Nikao Panama, you are way overdue for young blood to take lead of our community. We need leaders who are willing to come to our doors to hear our views and needs.

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