Wednesday April 11, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Police taken to task over lack of emergency resources


In spite of the severe flooding on various places on the island on Monday night/Tuesday morning, only three policemen were available in the early hours to provide help where it was needed. This situation was definitely a state of emergency where lives were at stake and people’s homes were being badly damaged. But the police department evidently didn’t see it as a big deal, really. In a country where burglars and thieves are such a problem, there could easily have been an issue with looters. So why were the police taking such a relaxed attitude?


If the prime minister thinks his trip to New Zealand was a success, how does he feel about the fact that his government hasn’t been able to reduce the cost of electricity and diesel for the people of the Cook Islands?


One driver of a white truck with the registration plate that’s the same as a foreign company working on a project on Rarotonga, has clearly not been told how to drive on roads in this part of the world, a smoke signaller says. “A couple of weeks ago I followed this white truck at Muri. It was being driven very slowly and was weaving from one side of the road to the other. The driver wasn’t actually looking at the road, but something off to the side of it. Then I had the misfortune to get the same truck again last week. It appeared to be “controlled” by the same driver and was doing around 20kmh on the main road. There was a big queue of impatient drivers behind her and she could easily have caused a bad accident. Maybe it’s time we made sure the people who use our roads actually know how to drive.”


With all the rain and flooding we’ve had over the last few days, you’d think people would heed the warnings and take extra care on the road, but not so. The last two mornings I’ve been followed into town by first a truck and then a motorcyclist, both following my car as close as they can get. If I’d had to come to a sudden stop, there would definitely have been an accident. Same with the lazy people who drive their motorbikes on the wrong side of the road so they don’t have to stop at intersections. It’s crazy behaviour.


The Chinese are talking to the Vanuatu government about setting up a naval/military base there. If it goes ahead, which seems most likely, when one considers how much money Vanuatu owes the Chinese, it could have serious implications for future world peace, with China continuing on its relentless path towards world domination unimpeded. So how long before we see a Chinese military base at Rarotonga International Airport? Not long, if both the present CIP government and any future Demo governments continue bending over backwards to get more and more indebted to China. And then we’ll see how long our fantastic relationships with New Zealand and Australia last.

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