Thursday March 01, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Conflicts of interest at passing of tax amnesty bill


A smoke signaller wonders why parliament closed so quickly after the Income Tax Amnesty Bill was passed. They also wonder whether it would have passed at all if all those parliamentarians who were to benefit from the bill declared a conflict of interest and removed themselves from parliament. The suspicion is that there would not have even been a quorum.


To all you people complaining about the increasing number of migrant workers, until you are able to convince your sons and daughters, who you have sent overseas to university for better education and better opportunities, to come back home and help clean your accommodations, serve your tourists staying in your accommodations, work in your plantations and feed your pigs, stop spitting in the soup you are drinking and have more respect for all those hard-working migrant workers that are doing all this work for you, so you can continue to live the good life and pay for your children’s overseas education, these are the people that are making your economy thrive.


How would a government department remove all doubt from the public’s mind that it could not care less about the public? Well one way might be, after being teased in the smoke signal column for letting mould grow on the brand new courthouse steps, to do nothing about it whatsoever except to let it keep growing. And we wonder why our young people get the first plane out when college is over. Who would want to work for the dullards in charge?


Regarding a complaint in the paper about the Moana TV service blackout a few weeks ago – is Bluesky going to issue a credit for this, given we were paying for something we weren’t actually getting? Or perhaps they are employing the age-old tactic of, ‘If no one talks about it, maybe it will just go away’?


If the PM wants to inspect the roads he should be driving after a night of rain – not following the grit truck as it fills in all the holes ahead of him! Plus, where was he when he drove through Muri? This has had the most complaints and the most photos taken on the front page of the paper and no mention from PM Puna!


So it was easy for this government to bring in an act to forgive their government cronies and mates with a core tax writeoff, but when people said to bring in a law to stop the Toa payments, they said they couldn’t. What is going on here? Is the government doing right by the people or are they playing politics with people’s money and is this just an abuse of power?

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