No crew in sight

Friday February 09, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Under an agreement made with the court, the operators of the ill-fated vessel Tiare Taporo were supposed to provide a crew from New Zealand to sail the ship out of Avatiu harbour whenever it seems likely a cyclone or big storm could strike.

The idea was to prevent the Tiare Taporo from sinking at its berth and potentially blocking off the Rarotonga’s harbour. Well, evacuation of the harbour this weekend is still a possibility but the Tiare Taporo is still sitting there with no sign of life aboard. And of course director Garth Broadhead is nowhere to be seen, despite his assurances that the rusting tub would be back in service by January this year. It seems court instructions aren’t to be taken seriously.


I feel annoyed that despite all the government advertising promoting recycling in Rarotonga, there are practically no recycling bins left in town.  There used to be three sets of bins on the roadside in town, one set of bins outside Foodland and one set of bins outside the CITC main supermarket. There are currently only three bins outside CITC mainstore and nothing for glass.  All the other bins have been removed and have been absent for the past few days.  Perhaps the government department responsible can do something about this.

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