Plastic not quite so fantastic when it’s dumped

Friday February 02, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

How often do your pens stop working before ink is out? More plastic rubbish. School bins see many. If writing by hand, can we encourage the use of pencils instead? Organic waste is a better way to go.



Drivers of the week: the two young guys on motorcycles who raced each other at breakneck speed from the seawall to Blackrock at about 6.30 on Monday evening. Maybe you don’t value your own lives, but your dangerous passing manoeuvres and the fact that you had no safety helmets or rear vision mirrors put innocent peoples’ lives in danger.


IF you’re riding your motorcycle at 15kmh in the rain, holding an umbrella in a futile attempt to keep yourself dry with one hand and driving with the other, is it a good idea to pull over and let the long line of traffic that has formed behind you get past? Not if you’re one motorcyclist who headed out to visit the Met Service yesterday in torrential rain. Traffic was forced to slow to a glacial pace while this person pressed on regardless, umbrella and all.


A big thumbs-down to the driver of a blue four-wheel drive type vehicle who rammed the back of a motorcycle near the Beachcomber early on Monday morning, tossing the rider off his bike and leaving him lying in the gravel. The driver of the vehicle would have known what they had done, but didn’t have the heart to even stop and check that he was OK.


It’s time the police boss fronted up and explained whether the Cook Islands Police Service is actually following the letter of the law when its officers confiscate people’s bikes for not wearing helmets, and confiscate cars when people have been drinking, even if they are nowhere near over the limit. They also need to explain whether their intention to randomly shoot dogs regardless of whether they are registered or not, is within the law. If they’re not wearing the appropriate tag, they are goners, it seems. A CINews reader whose registered dog has lost his tag three times (or, more likely, had it stolen from his collar by the odious thieves who routinely do this sort of thing), says if the police shoot her dog they can expect to head for the courthouse very soon afterwards. “This country appears to be heading towards a police state,” she says. “The police think they can do anything they like – and not one politician from any of the two leading parties has weighed in with a definitive answer as to what the law says about all these things. And it’s not as though the political parties are lacking in lawyers.”


Another CINews reader says he’s observed the same bunch of eight or nine dogs hanging around the back road in a notorious part of the “wild west” for around three years. None of them have collars and their “owners” don’t appear to care for them at all. Some of them chase cars and generally cause a nuisance. They obviously haven’t been de-sexed because the females are frequently pregnant. “If the police are so determined to get out and shoot dogs, how come these have survived for so long,” the reader asked Smoke Signals. “It seems to me that it all hinges on who you know. If you know the right people you can get away with just about anything. The same applies to households with more than two dogs. I know several of the island’s ‘rich and famous’ who have more than two dogs, but I bet you anything the police won’t dare to come gunning for their animals.”


While they’re out and about shooting dogs, confiscating cars and bikes and generally doing whatever they like, the cops should also check out what’s happening in the early evening opposite the Kavera Central store. The tables and chairs set up over by the beach for people to enjoy their takeaway food or admire the view or whatever, are being taken over by drunken youths (and occasionally some of the other older local drunks) who enjoy nothing better than harassing passing papa’a tourists. It’s shameful behaviour, especially in view of the fact that there’s tourist accommodation just across the road. Liquor outlets shouldn’t be selling beer to these people and they’re part of the problem too.


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